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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing our digital marketing services at Digitrance. We aim to provide exceptional services to our clients, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the services provided. Please read the following refund and cancellation policy to understand our approach toward refunds and cancellations.

Refund Policy for Digital Marketing Services

  1. Cancellation within 5 days: A full refund will be made if you choose to cancel our services within 5 days of making the payment. We want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services, and we understand that sometimes the services might not be what you expected.

  2. Cancellation after 5 days: If you choose to terminate our services after the initial 5 days, then you will be charged an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project. The balance will be credited to the account from which you made the payment within 15 days of cancellation. This policy is in place to ensure that our clients are not charged excessively if they decide to cancel our services after we have already started working on their project.

  3. Service Renewal Cancellation: We understand that sometimes our clients might not require our services anymore, and therefore, we have a cancellation policy for service renewals. Cancellation of any service renewal should be done 10 days prior to the start of the next billing cycle. If cancellations are made after the start of the billing cycle, then an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project during that month will be billable, which the clients will be entitled to pay. This policy is in place to ensure that our clients are not charged unnecessarily for services they no longer require.

  4. Unused Services: If you signed up for our services but did not make use of them, then you are still entitled to pay us. The amount of refund will be credited to the account from which the payment was made within 15 days of service cancellation. This policy is in place to ensure that we are not being taken advantage of and that our clients are paying for the services they have signed up for.



SEO Refund Policy

At Digitrance, we provide SEO services with the best of our abilities and aim to deliver results to our clients. However, there are certain factors beyond our control that may affect the SEO results, and we cannot guarantee top search ranking under certain circumstances:

  1. Changes in Search Engine Algorithm: Search engine algorithms change frequently, and we cannot guarantee that the changes will not affect the SEO results of our clients. Digitrance will not be liable for refund or guarantee of top search ranking due to changes in ranking algorithm, policies, or functionality of search engines.

  2. Incorrect URLs: Link building, a part of SEO, is carried out based on the information you provide us. In case the URLs given by you are incorrect, we will not be responsible for any subsequent errors, and there will not be any refunds or money-back guarantee. Therefore, it is essential that our clients provide us with accurate information to ensure that we can deliver the best results.

  3. Third-Party SEO Services: We cannot guarantee SEO results if the client engages with any other third-party SEO services. We cannot control the quality of services provided by other SEO services and therefore cannot be held responsible for the SEO results.

  4. Search Ranking Variability: The number of times and rank of a website appearing on the search list varies, and thus an immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed. We work hard to improve the search ranking of our clients, but we cannot guarantee immediate results.

  5. Changes in Website Content: Any adverse effect on ranking due to changes in website content by the client or third-party service provider hired by them. We work with the content provided by our clients, and we cannot control any subsequent

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